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As globalization and rapid advancements in technology continue to transform civic space and the world of work, education systems have
grown increasingly disconnected from the realities and needs of global economies and societies. Education models must adapt to equip children with the skills to create a more inclusive, cohesive and productive world.” WEForum


empowermefirst.college is a charity based in Switzerland. We make education accessible to anyone regardless of gender, background, belief, physical mobility, lifestyle, social or financial status. We use and teach the skills for the technology of today, the technology you have, the technology you need for the future.

From summer ’21 you can access trial units, enrolment starts in spring ’22.

Let’s move forward and educate millions!

what we do - Our goals and methods

What we do and how we educate

We are accessible, student-driven and project-oriented

empowermefirst.college is accessible to anyone regardless of gender, background, belief, physical mobility, social or financial status. It is setup as a charity and fees are kept affordable. Students who study for free in return for time (finding other students or peer-to-peer tutoring) and can apply for scholarships. The teaching units are online, the students have regular access to tutors and are encouraged to collaborate with other students globally. The teaching units can be used offline to save data and by local schools to access state of the art, affordable teaching material.

We use student-driven learning methods. The material relates to the student’s reality, allows for cross-linked thinking and covers local and global issues, such as climate change, sustainability, health, digitalization,
equality, human rights.

. Some projects are cross-linked between units and subjects. Teachers coach students to develop their own projects and become independent thinkers.

We also mentor students with ideas for innovations to turn them into businesses.

empowermefirst.college can be used by students independently. They then will be coached by international and local online tutors. Alternatively, it can be used by local schools, either as addition to their syllabus to give especially quicker students the option to work at their own pace or in lieu of their former teaching materials.

The syllabus will be oriented both on the local and the international university level entry requirements. As a guideline we’ll use the international baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, as this is internationally accepted.

To make it  completely accessible – everywhere and anytime – students find their learning units online.

Yet, they can always ask and work with other students via our network, ask teachers questions or take part in online teaching sessions.

— Upper secondary and beyon

empowermefirst.college starts with providing education at upper secondary (high school, grammar school) level, because in many countries the first 9 years of school compulsory, while most school dropouts are happening after year 9.
Students can apply with their secondary school grades, a teacher’s recommendation and there will be a placement test.

At a later stage there will be a support courses, in which students, who only have intermittent secondary school knowledge, can fill the gaps. Lower secondary and middle school courses can be included by demand and in cooperation with local schools.

— Regions, languages and courses

Its main language is English and we start in sub-Saharan Africa. Later, we will move to other regions of emerging and developing countries and include further main languages.

We also plan to include vocational courses in addition to the basic academic courses. For this, we will work with companies that already offer apprenticeships and on the job training to give a helpful addition.

— Teacher training and excellence

We strive for excellence and offering our students the best learning environment – at their own pace.

Student-driven, project-based learning methods are very motivating, as their allow students to develop creative, innovative approaches to learning, problem-solving and research and to work at their own pace. It allows teachers to cater to different levels, talents and skills in their student body. Yet, it is demanding in many other ways, as they need to be guides and coaches and give individual help. We support and coach teachers in this process.

quick facts (for students)

— Online

Our teaching units are online. All you need are a mobile phone, pen and paper.

You can work at your own pace, but you’re never alone. You will be doing projects with other students, locally and globally via our network.

If you don’t have wifi and want to save data, just download the low key offline versions.

— Hours

You can work, whenever and whereever you want – at your own pace.

Yet you’re never alone. If you have questions, ask tutors and other students in the forum, write a note to a tutor or take part in our regular teaching and question sessions.


— Structure

  1. you get an introductory video into each topic with explanations, telling you how you best learn and what to focus on.
  2. theory with links to further reading.
  3. exercises with feedback on why an answer was incorrect and what to study again.
  4. project work with grades and feedback from tutor.

— Teachers

Our teachers are not instructors or lecturers, they are your partners, guides and coaches.

They don’t only help you understand a subject, how it relates to other things you learned and the world around you, they also coach you in finding your own learning methods, be creative and innovative and advice you on how to solve a problem and plan research projects.

— Material

Our learning material relates to your reality and covers global issues.

You won’t need a lab to do a physics experiment. Just use, what you find around the house.

We also link knowledge to other learning units so you learn to think cross-linked and come up with new innovations.


— Syllabus

You can choose from a number of subjects, within maths, sciences, first and second language, arts, individual and society, and we make sure to cover the syllabus you need for university entry in your country.

But we go further. We also integrate internationally recognised curricula, e.g., the IB (international baccalaureate).

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