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“This learning crisis is a moral and economic crisis“, said World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim.

There are many ways to help, we need everyone one of you to keep moving to a better future!
To keep fees affordable to students and schools, we need regular financial support.
We use your finances diligently, produce transparent financial reports and give you success stories.

we need you to educate millions!

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Help us with regular financial support, together we further your cause.
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Your regular financial support will allow us to create specific teaching environments you can use for your own training in emerging markets – or at home.

Your audience will be impressed.

— Governments

We can help you to reach and educate underachievers and school dropouts.

We help you to reach your syllabus goals and provide schools with state of the art learning materials and teacher trainings.

— NGOs

Let’s join forces!

Not only can we benefit your supporters by giving you our stories, we can reach our common goals more effectively by working together.

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Make a donation, sponsor a child, bequest your legacy knowing that your hard work will make a difference for generations to come. every little counts.

— Volunteer

We need you to help us spread the idea, find sponsors, find schools and students, create content and make the website look more attractive. what are your talents and skills?

We need you to make a difference.